Payment & Business Terms for Trade and Commercial Customers only.

►Applicable to established account customers only – Terms are strictly net and are as previously agreed with us.

►Due date for payment is clearly shown on all invoices. 

►Queries regarding any invoice must be raised within 7 days of invoice date.

►Customers may have differing/shorter terms imposed. They will be as notified and agreed with us.

►If you do not have a full trade or commercial account with us, immediate payment in full is required by cash, card or immediate bank transfer.

►Cheques – We do not accept cheques.

►The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Scotland) Regulations 2013 applies to this invoice. Settlement in full of any invoice is required no later than the due date shown on the invoice. We also reserve the right to charge interest on invoices that remain unpaid beyond the due date. Our standard interest rate is greater of 13% per annum or 4% over our bankers interest rate. An additional late payment administration charge of £50 per invoice may also be applied. 

►Your account may be placed on stop if you fail to make payments as agreed with us.

►Title of any supplied goods and materials, fitted and/or supplied only, remains with A1 Lockman Security Ltd. until any invoice issued for goods, materials or labour element is paid in full. 

►Non-payment of any invoice may also result in the removal from site of any goods, materials and fixings supplied and/or fitted by us.

►Should you fail to pay outstanding amounts on any overdue invoices within a reasonable timeframe as defined by us, we may commence legal action to recover the amount(s) due via court proceedings. Should this be necessary, we will also seek to recover all associated legal costs, interest, and all expenses.

►© 2021 A1 Lockman Security Ltd. SC481399 № 9 Dreghorn Park, Edinburgh EH13 9PH.

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