From the horses mouth.

Annual Leave

We are closed Friday 03.09.21 through to Wednesday 15.09.21 (inclusive) for annual leave. Any bookings etc will be reviewed on our return and you will be contacted asap thereafter.  223 TV,  1 VT

 223 TV,  1 VT

Bookings 27.08.21

We can only accept bookings from existing customers at present. This is simply down to workload and availability. Any change to this policy will updated as and when possible.   257 TV

 257 TV

Bookings. 11.08.21

We are still running a backlog of work due to the lockdown period. This is mainly commercial work but I am pleased to say that (diary space permitting) we are now able to accept bookings from existing customers. (i.e. I have carried out work for you previously.)   253 TV,  1 VT

 253 TV,  1 VT

Bookings 01.06.21

Update on service to Public. We are still working through a considerable backlog for both general public and commercial contract work. When we are able to accept bookings from the general public, it will be posted on here and on the home page.  288 TV,  1 VT

 288 TV,  1 VT

Lockdown Rules.

We are still receiving requests for service from the general public. To be clear, at present we are not permitted to enter domestic premises.The following is an excerpt from the current regulations which apply in all of mainland Scotland. “The Coronavirus regulations require that work carried out in someone else’s home for the maintenance, upkeep …

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 336 TV,  1 VT

Lockdown Continues. (updated)

12.02.21 Unfortunately we remain unable to provide a service to the general public. Under the current government restrictions we are not allowed to enter domestic premises unless it is an genuine emergency and the work required is to ensure the ongoing well-being, health and safety of residents. The definition of “genuine emergency” has proved to …

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 297 TV,  1 VT

Bike Store Break-ins.

Sadly it’s not just this time of year, but bike theft does seem to increase just prior to Christmas. I was called out to an attempted break-in at an external bike store off Easter Road. They didn’t actually manage to get the door open but did make a considerable mess of the door. They would …

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 260 TV

Christmas Presents !

It’s very tempting at this time of year to have your curtains wide open 24/7 to display your lovely Christmas tree. Most of us are in the habit of piling up all sorts of goodies and presents under the tree. Unfortunately Burglar Bill is on the prowl at this time of year and this is …

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 234 TV,  1 VT

Door Closers.

It may surprise you, but door closers can be life savers. If you have fire doors in your building then they should be fitted with good quality door closers, installed and maintained correctly and fire-rated as appropriate for the size and construction of the door. I am amazed at the amount of developments I go …

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 252 TV

Don’t leave your keys in the lock !

I always advise customers not to leave their keys in the back of the door especially if they have a letterbox. However having seen this, the advice has to be NEVER leave your keys in the lock on the inside of the door.  279 TV,  1 VT

 279 TV,  1 VT

New Home ?

The housing market has slowly come back to life in the last few weeks having been severely affected by Covid-19. Perhaps you have just moved or are about to. The keys have been handed over by the solicitors / Estate Agents and you can’t wait to get into your new home. Have you ever thought …

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 313 TV,  1 VT

02.09.20 Door Closers

2nd door closer in as many days. If the door is slamming and there’s oil running down the door…. Its not going to adjust…. It needs a new closer. Miracles are no problem… But we can’t do the impossible!  226 TV

 226 TV

Ordering Extra keys.

We now have a well established website  ( specifically for ordering extra keys at sites where we have installed new common entry locks. When we deliver the initial set of keys you will be given a unique weblink and password. Keys are either posted out to you or hand delivered if possible.   260 TV,  1 VT

 260 TV,  1 VT