Lockdown Rules.

We are still receiving requests for service from the general public. To be clear, at present we are not permitted to enter domestic premises.
The following is an excerpt from the current regulations which apply in all of mainland Scotland.

“The Coronavirus regulations require that work carried out in someone else’s home for the maintenance, upkeep or functioning of the home must only be carried out where it is essential or where that house is unoccupied. People must not go into other people’s houses for that type of work where it is not essential. This applies to anyone carrying out work, voluntary or charitable services. Businesses who employ people to carry out this work should consider if it is essential before asking their employees to enter someone else’s home.”

We have had customers basically asking us to “bend the rules” and it is due to this that we have taken the decision to temporarily withdraw our service to the general public. We take the health of our family and customers/clients extremely seriously, and we feel that rather than have some grey areas regarding the rules, that we should withdraw the service to the public until such time as the rules are relaxed. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please note that we are continuing to serve our commercial customers, albeit on a reduced scale, as this type of work does not require us to enter domestic properties.