Door Closers.

It may surprise you, but door closers can be life savers. If you have fire doors in your building then they should be fitted with good quality door closers, installed and maintained correctly and fire-rated as appropriate for the size and construction of the door.

I am amazed at the amount of developments I go to and find the fire doors jammed open with door wedges …. and on one occasion a fire extinguisher !!  A properly adjusted closer will ensure the door shuts in a timely manner and in most cases can be adjusted to ensure the door does not bang or slam as it closes. If the door is not capable of closing correctly then there may be a problem with the door hinges or perhaps the wood has swollen for some reason. These are all things that can in most cases be rectified easily.

To be effective the door must close over correctly to ensure the intumescent strip and smoke seal (if fitted) is able to do it’s job correctly in the case of fire and smoke……. It just might save your life. I recommend that closers are checked and adjusted as required every 12 months. The one in the picture below was past saving but the door now has a correctly fitted Dorma closer. The other picture is what NOT to do with a fire door!

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